Modern Gas Fireplaces Designs

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are the smart heat solution for your home. They are extremely efficient and effective in the heating process, are available in an extensive range of stunning designs to suit any home and are built for durability, meaning they will last long into the future.

Our gas heating range at Chazelles is not constrained to just the traditional indoor fireplace; we also offer outdoor gas fireplaces, portable gas heaters, double-sided gas fireplaces, and much more. So, if you are after a gas heating solution for your home, whether you want a traditional home fireplace, a rustic gas log fire or an outdoor fireplace kitchen to amplify your entertainment area, the Chazelles team can help you.

Escea Gas Fires

New to the Chazelles range of gas fireplaces is the Escea Gas Fireplace Collection. It combines cutting-edge contemporary designs, high energy efficiency, and innovative technology to provide an exceptional gas-fired heater.

These gas fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere, giving you complete design freedom. Their zero clearance approvals allow them to be ‘boxed’ in a timber frame with plasterboard or inserted into an existing chimney. A low height, Flexible Flue and Powered Vent technologies give you the freedom to put the modern gas fireplace anywhere. Flue up, down, or even sideways. No walls are required and no compromise on your design. An Escea gas fireplace in Sydney can tick all the boxes. Cutting-edge design and technology come together to bring you the most innovative and stunning gas fireplaces in Sydney.

A gas fireplace is an investment in your home and can bring any effect you desire. A sleek and modern fireplace can add an air of sophistication and class. A fireplace with a classical surround can add a touch of elegance to your space. An outdoor fireplace can become a stunning and practical feature with the power to amplify your home entertainment capacity. But, without fail, a fireplace brings a welcoming feeling of warmth to any home and can get you through the colder months with class and style.

Chazelles – the Experts in Gas Fireplaces

With 50 years of experience in providing Australians with fireplaces, Chazelles is the only place to come for gas heaters in Sydney. We offer an extensive range of high-efficiency gas fireplaces, so we are sure to have the perfect fireplace to suit your home design desires. Furthermore, we have Chazelles showrooms and distributors all over Australia, so head to our distributor page to find the closest location for you to purchase a natural gas Chazelles fireplace.

Need a little inspiration? Head to our gallery to discover all of the stunning designs of fireplaces we have created and installed for our valued customers around the country. We’re sure you’ll find something you like.

So, if you are ready to finally purchase the fireplace of your dreams, contact our friendly team at Chazelles Fireplaces today. We can help you to find the high-efficiency, natural gas fireplace to perfectly suit your design wishes. At Chazelles Fireplaces, our team are passionate about providing every customer with the fireplace that will best suit their home heating and design requirements. We are the experts in the trade for a reason, you can trust us.

Kalfire Fireplaces

Chazelles Fireplaces is proud to partner with Kalfire Fireplaces to provide you with a luxury fireplace and modern fireplace designs. Kalfire Fireplaces uphold strong values that ensure that you are getting high-quality and beautiful fireplaces. The Kalfire team have been in the fireplace industry for over 40 years. Making the Kalfire Fireplace designs well-refined, innovative and beautiful.


Unique Designs

The range of designs of fireplaces for sale allows you to find a fireplace that will allow you to express your individuality and suit your unique space. From a built-in fireplace to an indoor, outdoor fireplace, the Kalfire range will have a design that will suit you! You can view both the Kalfire and Chazelles range online or in our showrooms around Australia.


What is the point of a fireplace if it is hard to use? The Kalfire range allows for easy use so you can stay warm all year round! Plus, cleaning and maintenance are made easy, you can find more information on our maintenance page. Kalfire ensures that their modern gas fireplaces and modern wood fireplaces maintain ease of use and beautiful designs. Staying warm is made simple with Kalfire Fireplaces.

Experienced Professionals

Both the Kalfire and Chazelles ensure that only experienced professionals distribute and install fireplaces. This ensures that you are getting the best possible customer experience and expert advice on your modern fireplace. With Kalfire and Chazelles having 40 and 50 years of industry experience respectively, you can trust you are getting the best customer experience!

Durability and Sustainability

The technology used in all Kalfire Fireplaces is built to last a long time and incorporate sustainable techniques. Sustainability is becoming more and more important, choosing a fireplace design that is both durable and sustainable can help you do your bit for the environment (and your wallet).


Chazelles and Kalfire are working together to bring the latest and classic European designs to Australia. Working together, you can access beautiful fireplaces that also understand the needs of the Australian home. Our partnership ensures that you have the choice to find the perfect fireplace for you and your home! With over 90 years of combined experience, Kalfire and Chazelles are passionate about bringing you the best fireplaces and professional expertise in the industry.

Chazelles and Kalfire

To find out more about our partnership and Kalfire Fireplaces you can get in contact with one of our friendly professionals. We can help you find a modern fireplace design that suits your taste, needs and existing space. Chazelles Fireplace and Kalfire Fireplace will have a fireplace that gives your space a romantic elegance in addition to a warm atmosphere.