Engineered Modern Fireplace Designs

Chazelles fireplaces have been built with advanced engineered technology to ensure you have year after year trouble free operation, energy efficiency, and maximum heat output.

The details behind this engineering technology include:

  • Our Radiant Collection is built from heavy duty Lamellar Graphite cast iron, which provides a high level of corrosion resistance, vibration absorption and very good tri-dimensional stability.
  • Our Design Collection is built from double skin steel and lined with 60 mm firebricks to maintain a high combustion temperature.
  • The Chazelles Retractable Dual Opening Door System uses a stainless steel axis mounted on high performance wheel bearings for smooth door operation and extra strong motorbike grade chains for the counter weight system.
  • A secondary Hot Airflow System, specifically for keeping window glass clean and clear, and to ensure an appropriate balance of pre-combustion fumes.
  • Lateral and Vertical Opening Doors are fitted with 820°C heat resistant vitro ceramic glass.