There are many benefits to purchasing a fireplace from Chazelles, including:

Experience and expertise
Chazelles has been designing and engineering wood and gas fireplaces for over 50 years. This extensive experience and expertise has resulted in the Chazelles brand ranking as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of fireplace technology and products are distributed to over 38 countries around the world.

Advanced technology
Our state of the art research and development laboratory in France uses advanced technology tools to develop fireplaces that deliver you optimum heat output, energy efficiency, low smoke emissions, and easy operation.
Our design engineers are perpetually working to improve our product range in areas such as clean technology and efficiency, or to develop unique features such as our Dual Opening Door System or Hot Air Ducting System.
Our combustion control on our wood burning range is excellent as the video below featuring the C800L will demonstrate.

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Reduced energy costs
As all models within the Chazelles range are designed to maximise your heating output through radiation, convection, and fan forced air distribution, you can effectively heat your entire home using your fireplace. This energy and cost efficient way of heating will reduce your electricity consumption and therefore reduce your energy bills. This can be achieved by using a slow combustion wood fireplace for heating your home with sustainable woods.

The Chazelles Dual Opening Door System provides you will the lifestyle choice of an open log fire for ambience and relaxation, or the conversion of the firebox to a combustion fireplace for energy efficient heating of your home.
This lifestyle feature is particularly useful for overnight heating when you can load up the fireplace before you go to bed and wake up the next morning to a lovely warm home.

With more than 40 different models to select from, our extensive product range caters for most home installation and budget requirements. Product options include models for installation into existing fireplaces or models that are incorporated as part of a brand new installation.

Locally owned and managed businesses
All Chazelles products are supplied direct to the Australian market, so you are dealing with the manufacturer, not a distributor. This means after sales service, spare parts and warranty claims are always available.

Our large Australian warehouse ensures stock is always available with delivery usually possible within 15 days to most locations.
As well as our fully equipped head office showroom in Sydney, we have showrooms in most Australian states.

Commitment to government regulations
All products have been manufactured to comply with strict European energy rating standards, plus as a member of the Australian Home Heating Association; we follow all government rules and regulations for the manufacture and supply of home heating products.

Quality controlled practices
All fireplace products are fully inspected and tested before they are shipped from France to guarantee you a top-level product standard.