DN1150 Corner Gas Fireplace

DN1150 Corner Gas Fireplace

The DN1150 Corner gas fireplace is versatile for room installation in different configurations. It fits beneath counters or cabinetry with a capped framework at the minimum cavity height. The cavity can be made from various materials, both
combustible and non-combustible. Extra heat protection might be necessary for recessing or joinery specifications.

Available as an accessory, the Kitset Wall Unit (KWU) can assist in installation of the DN1150 Corner and Peninsula models. This metal support structure simplifies setup and can hold up to 500kg of framework and cladding without transferring load to the fireplace.


Heat Output: 7.8kw

Gas Input: 33 MJ/hr (NG) 33 MJ/hr (ULPG/Propane)

Gas Connection: Lower rear of fireplace – 1/2” BSPT Female

Gas Type : Natural Gas or Propane/ULPG

Power Requirement : 3 pin, 230V AC mains power within 1m

Operation : Thermostatic IR remote control

Appliance Weight: 140kg

Connections: Lower rear of fireplace

Clearance to Combustibles : Zero clearance from fireplace surfaces

Certification: Complies with AS/NZS 5263.1.3

Flue System: Power direct-vent with co-linear 100/75mm Ø flexible and rigid PP flue pipes*