Outdoor Fireplaces

Chazelles Outdoor Fireplaces

At Chazelles, we offer two different types of outdoor fireplaces: with/without renovation and flue systems. The flue is also known as a chimney for ducting excess smoke outside and away from the outdoor living area. Our contemporary outdoor fireplaces provide quick and convenient heat at the touch of a button. This innovative design means no flue is required, and you will receive radiant warmth from an open-facing fireplace. It can be built straight into a timber frame or masonry cavity as a fireplace feature facing outdoors to amplify your entertainment space.

Outdoor Fireplace Entertainment


Design Aesthetics

Outdoor Fireplaces are not just a heating device, they are
the perfect asset to your outdoor entertainment area. They can be used for
cooking and perfect for entertaining guest. Imagine huddling around the fire
with your children, toasting marshmallows, or cooking succulent meat and crispy
vegetables in the fire for your summer barbeques, or picture people staring, mesmerised
by the dancing flames at your next home event. An outdoor fireplace can be
whatever you want it to be. Contact us today to
get started in achieving your dream outdoor entertainment area!

Outdoor Wood Fireplace

Our outdoor wood-burning fireplace is a heater and barbecue. The slow combustion outdoor wood fireplace will provide your family with casual entertaining options while creating a relaxing ambient atmosphere for alfresco dining. A kit or set enclosure is available for installation in freestanding openings. This is for walls that are not structurally suitable for removal of the wall structure and reduces the need for renovation. This includes a stainless-steel frame skeleton and fastenings. These ensure your outdoor fireplace is safe from harsh weather conditions and provides a flue system to filter out any excess smoke.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Outdoor gas fireplaces can also serve as a heater, barbeque
and outdoor entertaining space feature. They are made and designed using
innovative technology, making them extremely energy efficient while functioning
perfectly and looking elegant and sophisticated. With an outdoor gas fireplace,
you can make the most of your outdoor area all through the cooler months of the

Begin Your Outdoor Fireplace Project

If you are ready to begin your outdoor gas or wood fireplace
project, don’t hesitate to contact the team at
Chazelles Fireplaces. We can help you to find the best suited and most
beautiful design for your outdoor space. Whether you are after a wood fire or
gas fireplace, or even one of our outdoor fit pits, our team can find exactly
what you desire for your home. So, start working on your barbeque skills,
because once you have one of our Chazelles Fireplaces, you’ll have the most
popular backyard in the neighbourhood!

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