Ambe Multi 49


Simply Beaultiful

Clean lines give this electric fire a sleek simplicity that works with any interior style. The design is seamless, with no visible details taking away from the beauty of flames.

In a world where designs are becoming increasingly complex, the beauty of simplicity is sometimes lost. A simply Beautiful electric fireplace is its seamless design. The focus is on the beauty of the flames, with no visible details taking away from the overall aesthetic. This makes it a great option for those who prefer a minimalist look in their interiors. The clean lines of the Simply Beautiful electric fireplace make it versatile and easy to integrate into any interior style. It is also energy efficient, you'll be able to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fire without having to worry about high energy bills.

Design Choice 

With the Multi49 fireplace you can choose to put glass on any side or all three. Choose one side for a simple linear look, two sides for a corner design, or three for a striking installation.

Full Control

The Multi49 gives you full control of the LED lighting, fuelled, flame and heat output. Change your settings on the remote control or touch panel control.