Amantii WM-FML-STL Linear

WM-FML-STL Linear Electric Fireplace

Quick Info

Sizes: WM-FML-26-3223-STL, WM-FML-34-4023-STL, WM-FML-48-5523-STL, WM-FML-60-6623-STL, WM-FML-72-7823-STL, WM-FML-88-9623-STL

  • Can be built-in flush or wall mounted with included brackets.
  • Heat is emitted from a single slot in the face of the surround.
  • State-of-the-art flame presentation:  Vibrant, multi-coloured state-of-the-art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote.
  • Stove bright charcoal metallic finished steel surround
  • Touchpad with temperature display
  • Latest LED light technology
  • 13 colours of surround back‐lighting
  • Hard‐wire ready
  • Thermostat hard‐wire ready
  • Can produce up to 5000 BTU of heat, enough to heat up to 500 sq feet
  • Plug on the left side
  • Heat can operate without flame
  • Single remote control for flame, surround back‐lighting & heater included.


The WM-FML-STL Electric Fireplace with Deep Charcoal Colored Steel Surround the amantii wall mount electric fireplace the ultimate wall fireplace

The WM-FML-STL  the amantii wall mount electric fireplace series features a deep charcoal-coloured steel surround. The steel surround has aesthetic proportions and features a touchpad with a numerical temperature display.

Heat is emitted through the face below the glass viewing area allowing for a flush mount installation and is the ideal wall mount electric fireplace. If recessing is not an option, this model is also wall-mountable and perfect in apartments or in places where renovation or construction is not an option.

Available in 7 sizes, you’ll find a WM-FML-STL fireplace that is perfect for any space in your home, business, or commercial space.

The WM-FML-STL series comes standard with clear decorative media. Further media options are available for additional purchase.

Included Accessories

The WM-FML-STL comes standard with Clear decorative media and a multi-function remote control that adjusts heat, surround back-lighting, flame colour, and intensity.

Installation Options

Flame Presentation

Vibrant, multi-coloured state-of-the-art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote. Can all be done separately and mixed to make lots of combinations.

Surround Back Lighting
The WM-FML-STL Series models come with LED back-lit surround lighting. The back-lighting feature presents only one colour at a time, an image shown with examples of back-light colours.  Choose from a rainbow of different colours to cast a decorative glow in your space. Surround back-lighting is located on the backside of the surround.

Documentation & Sizes

Variation of Sizes:

WM-FML-26-3223-STL Electric Fireplace

WM-FML-34-4023-STL Electric Fireplace

WM-FML-48-5523-STL Electric Fireplace

WM-FML-60-6623-STL Electric Fireplace

WM-FML-72-7823-STL Electric Fireplace

WM-FML-88-9623-STL Electric Fireplace